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Info & Terms of service

Info & Terms of service

About Us

Who is M&M the first M is Melanie, my wife, who doesn’t clean with me and there is me Michael your window cleaner who will be the only person to call and clean your windows.

I started M&M Window Cleaning in March 2000 not quite knowing how the business would grow I have been very fortunate to be able to grow my regular client base and over the years I have refined my skills and knowledge.

My business has become a passion and I aim to stand out from my competitors, so you can be assured that I will provide you with the very best service, I am professional, friendly and approachable, so do pop out and say hello!


You may be shocked to discover that a sole trader isn’t required to have public liability insurance. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that I am fully insured to carry out the services I provide and that I am covered by a specialist public liability insurance policy, Copies of documents are available upon request.

Text Reminder

The text reminder service is for the security-conscious homeowner who typically has side gates locked and bolted and needs to know what day I will be calling. Texts are sent out at 7pm the evening before I call and are sent from a computer with the signature MM. Windows, please note it is not possible to send me a reply to these texts, Just provide me with a mobile number and I will do the rest.

Please note that the text isn’t an invitation to cancel the clean and reasonable advance notice as in 24-hours  is required otherwise the full price will be charged, a cancellation on the day or failure to provide access as agreed as in a locked or bolted gate as I will not climb over or clamber up gates this will result in the full price having to be paid. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular and reliable all year round cleaning is what my clients want and is what I provide come rain or shine I strive to provide the most regular service, Typically all of my clients have their windows cleaned once every 4 weeks as this ensures the cleanliness of frames and glass is well maintained. Please contact me if you require your windows to be cleaned less frequently. I do not offer one-off cleans and I don’t clean up after other tradesmen.

As a regular client, it is your responsibility to ensure that straightforward access is provided to your property and windows, unlock and unbolt gates as agreed from the outset so I am able to clean all your windows without the need to move furniture etc or risk tripping over strewn items, failure to do the above will result in the full price been charged!!

*Please note I have a minimum charge of £10:00, cancellations on the day will still be charged the full price, I do use a common-sense approach and I am respectful of emergency family situations.

Water-fed pole system

I do not clean your windows with tap water or use any chemicals. Instead, I use 100% pure water 000ppm which has been filtered and processed through a Reverse Osmosis filtration system to remove all impurities and mineral deposits. The water is fed through a carbon fibre pole to a jetted soft brush designed specifically for window cleaning. Your windows will be left to dry naturally to a spotless finish.

Velux/Skylight windows were possible I will always clean these for the client, however, for the high-level ones due to the height, angle and not being able to exert as much pressure through the pole, unfortunately, I can’t always 100% guarantee the results!


Our great British weather, four seasons in one day! I will clean your windows in just about any weather as long as I deem it safe to do so, especially the rain which we get plenty of. It doesn’t make your windows dirty dirt does, also the water I use to clean your windows is pure water 000ppm which means a spot-free finish and rain is around 003ppm, unlike our chlorine-treated and mineral-laden tap water.

If there are any issues after I have cleaned your windows in the rain or the rare sunshine please let me know ASAP, as I will be more than happy to call back with no problem at all.

Michael has been cleaning my windows for a number of years now, always does a fantastic job and most important he is also extremely reliable.


Fantastic window cleaner, wouldn’t use anyone else!


Great window cleaner and so much easier the fact I can pay by direct debit , would definitely recommend !!!


Michael is very reliable – always turns up when expected and does a great job. Payment via direct debit makes things so easy! Definitely recommend.


Fab service, Windows are always sparkling!! I would definitely recommend to anyone.


I highly recommended m&m window cleaning always on time, great service, my windows always look fantastic, I never have to have money to pay as I’m able to set up direct debit, they always email me to let me know they’ve been and that payment it’s coming out All round very professional service


Fantastic service and I would recommend M&M to anybody looking for a reliable, professional and friendly service


    Use the form below to contact me via e-mail. I aim to respond to all e-mail messages within one working day, but if your query is urgent it may be quicker to contact me by phone.

    Please check your spam/junk folder for a response.

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