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In order to make things easier for my clients and to avoid having to disturb you with evening cash collections, M&M Window Cleaning has made the decision to offer simple payment options for all clients. I made the decision to offer the automated Direct Debit via the service as this ensures a hassle-free and secure way of paying your window cleaning bill. I am only provided with your name, address and email.  All other details remain private.

GoCardless has been streamlining payments for my business since 2014 – click here to find out more about them:

To set up automatic payments, enter the first line of your address and postcode into the reference box below. Then click the GoCardless button and fill in the Secure and Simple pre-authorisation form. Once that is completed, I can collect payment after each clean within 5 working days. I ensure that you are provided with a prior email notification once a payment request has been made and before payment is collected.

Pay Your Bill Now

  • This is not a monthly Direct Debit
  • No personal details are shared with any 3rd  parties
  • All financial transactions are handled by GoCardless

GoCardless uses military-grade encryption to keep you safe, and is approved by the biggest names in payments

Authorised by the FCA

GoCardless is an Authorised Payment Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Trusted by thousands

GoCardless provides access to the Direct Debit network to thousands of businesses.

Military grade encryption

All sensitive details are RSA encrypted and only communicated over secure channels.

Organisations using the Direct Debit Scheme go through a careful vetting process before they are authorised and are closely monitored by the banking industry.
The efficiency and security of a Direct Debit are monitored and protected by your own bank. The Direct Debit Guarantee applies to all Direct Debits and protects you the client in the payment of your Direct Debit

Switching to Direct Debit with GoCardless will save you the hassle of paying each time.

You’ll be notified of any upcoming payments and you can cancel whenever you want.

What’s more, Direct Debit is the safest payment method in the UK.

GoCardless handles secure payments for businesses of all sizes from your local window cleaner right up to big companies like Virgin and Financial Times. Click here to find out more:


  • Fantastic service and I would recommend M&M to anybody looking for a reliable, professional and friendly service

    Mark Solan - FERRYHILL
  • Great window cleaner and so much easier the fact I can pay by direct debit , would definitely recommend !!!

  • I highly recommended m&m window cleaning always on time, great service, my windows always look fantastic, I never have to have money to pay as I'm able to set up direct debit, they always email me to let me know they've been and that payment it's coming out All round very professional service


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    Use the form below to contact me via e-mail. I aim to respond to all e-mail messages within one working day, but if your query is urgent it may be quicker to contact me by phone.

    Please check your spam/junk folder for a response.

    Peace Of Mind

    Always deal solely with the business owner so you know who exactly will be cleaning your windows each time.

    I use a window cleaning software program to plan, schedule and record all cleaning. So you can rest assured no mistakes are made.

    I am covered by a specialist window cleaning public liability insurance policy so you don’t need to worry.